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Networking just like the ‘Brits’?

It’s 29th January 2008. Claramedia, the French-English communications agency and professional training specialists, launch an original concept for French organisations to network just like the ‘Brits’: an event bringing together international and British companies in the Nord-Pas de Calais region and those located in Great Britain.

The first NetworkAndRoll is born.

A French-British event, NetworkAndRoll brings together business and entertainment in an orginal and informal networking ambiance. NetworkAndRoll is an original initiative which can offer British companies breaking into the French market a time and place for face-to-face introduction. This also goes for companies in the Nord - Pas de Calais region who wish to do business with British companies, and who need to use English more professionally, for success in international markets.

Le networking is designed around live artistic performances, the objective being to make a maximum number of cross-border contacts, in French or in English.