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For a second time, on Tuesday 7th April 2009, NetworkandRoll brought together 140 guests at the Condition Publique events venue in Roubaix.

Following the success of the first event, the 2009 edition followed the same format: a British-style professional gathering together with the creation of an original French-British work of art.

36 guests signed up to the speed networking, which took place in the first part of the evening, allowing each participant the opportunity to meet twenty or so people from different professions in less than forty minutes. Uniquely, the speed networking meant that everyone was able to make a flash presentation or ‘elevator pitch in English and/or French in a relaxed multicultural environment.

This year, as a focus to the second part of the event, Laurent Houssin, cartoonist and co-author of many song adaptations (notably Beatles) did a series of live drawings interpreting the French-British rock-pop-electro group TV Glory as they played.

A novel idea, an evening enjoyed by all.

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L'édition 2009 !


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The Artists

The Artists

Laurent HOUSSIN : Laurent HOUSSIN was born on 6th February 1967 in Lens and then lived in Roubaix. Having been involved in a number of fanzines, he started on a career in multimedia, in particular working on the series « Loana and his friends » for the TV channels Grolandsat / Canal+ and on « Moi Benzo » (officially selected for Annecy 2002). Now working for himself, he divides his time between illustration (Editions Bayard, Wagram, Carabas, Consom’action magazine…), animation (Editions Milan, various web agencies…) and cartoon creation. Since 2007 he has regularly contributed to Psikopat magazine (in particular working on stories for Bouzard or Mo/cdm). In November 2008 he was awarded the « Future » prize at the lys-lez-Lannoy festival.

TV Glory : New new wave, new colour, new songs, new deal, new be ... Always poppy and bouncy, Tv Glory's image is developing along with its sound.








Special thanks

Thanks to the artists, our partners, and all those who made the second NetworkAndRoll possible.

Special thanks to:

Fabienne Bachimont (Villes Internet), Charline Bailhache (Hors Format), Linda Bennett (Enterprise Europe Southeast UK), François Boucq, Garry Britton (Linguasaurus), Odile Coutant (Lille Events), Philippe Dantoing (IRA de Lille), Samuel Demoor (Audibilis), Patrick Derache (Music Democracy), Estelle Djomatin (Claramedia), Sonia Dossche (Audibilis), Olga D’Silva (Zên Languages), Mathias Duhamel (Mathias Paintings), Peter Hobbs (Channel Chamber of Commerce), Magnus Hutchins (Développement Franco-Britannique), Jo James (Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce), Estelle Leclercq (WTC Lille), Brian Murphy (Cross-Channel Connections), Sophie Parenton, Paul-Benoît Perche (Atos Worldline), Stéphane Roy (BD Fugue Café), Joël Salaün (CCI International), Philippe Schröder (La Gazette NPDC), Estelle Timothy (Transmanche Enterprise Network), Sigrid Vasseur (Ricard).